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Admixture analysis of craniometric data

One of the shortcomings of f3 statistics is that they only allow the analysis of two mixture components at a time. I wanted something that could analyze craniometric data the same way that ADMIXTURE analyzes SNP genotype data, with an

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An end to simplicity

For the past month I have been arguing for a simple model of extra-African human evolution in which proto-Caucasoids interbred with a western race of heidelbergensis (Neanderthals) and proto-Mongoloids interbred with an eastern race of heidelbergensis (e.g. Dali, Jinniushan, Maba).

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globe13 analysis of the Tianyuan genome

Using all of the available Tianyuan data, Dienekes’ globe13 calculator gives the following results: 0.00% Siberian 0.00% Amerindian 0.00% West_African 6.30% Palaeo_African 0.00% Southwest_Asian 17.31% East_Asian 0.00% Mediterranean 27.18% Australasian 0.00% Arctic 0.00% West_Asian 0.00% North_European 49.21% South_Asian 0.00% East_African I had originally thought

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