globe13 analysis of the Tianyuan genome

Using all of the available Tianyuan data, Dienekes’ globe13 calculator gives the following results:

  • 0.00% Siberian
  • 0.00% Amerindian
  • 0.00% West_African
  • 6.30% Palaeo_African
  • 0.00% Southwest_Asian
  • 17.31% East_Asian
  • 0.00% Mediterranean
  • 27.18% Australasian
  • 0.00% Arctic
  • 0.00% West_Asian
  • 0.00% North_European
  • 49.21% South_Asian
  • 0.00% East_African

I had originally thought that the Australasian component was the most Ainoid of the 13 components, and that it was therefore likely to make up a significant part of Tianyuan’s genome. After I observed that Japanese have none of the Australasian component, I decided that the East_Asian component was likely to be more significant in Tianyuan. It looks like I was right the first time.

I knew that the South_Asian component would also be significant, but it’s surprising to see it making up close to half of Tianyuan’s genome.

These results confirm my ideas about human evolution.

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One comment on “globe13 analysis of the Tianyuan genome
  1. genetiker says:

    It occurs to me now that Tianyuan being ~50% South_Asian only makes perfect sense: Tianyuan lived at the halfway point between the completion of Veddoid evolution and the completion of Mongoloid evolution.

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