K = 4 admixture analysis of all HGDP Amerindian samples

At the bottom of this post is a K = 4 ADMIXTURE plot for Negroid, Mongoloid, Nordic, and Mediterranean populations from the HGDP dataset. Above it is an admixture plot for the HGDP Amerindian populations based on results from a DIYDodecad calculator created from the ADMIXTURE analysis.

Here are the mean admixture proportions for each Amerindian population, in the order Mongoloid, Nordic, Mediterranean, Negroid:

Surui: 62.86%, 34.16%, 1.93%, 1.04%

Karitiana: 62.51%, 34.70%, 1.68%, 1.10%

Pima: 61.62%, 35.46%, 1.59%, 1.34%

Colombian: 61.33%, 34.50%, 1.94%, 2.23%

Maya: 55.79%, 37.19%, 4.11%, 2.92%

The Nordic element is very evenly distributed across all of the Amerindian populations, from the Pima in Arizona and Sonora to the Karitiana and Surui in Brazil, which suggests that the element has been present in the Americas for a very long time.

The influence of the Nordic element can be seen in the light-colored hair of the Karitiana children in the photographs here and here, and in the photograph below (click to enlarge).


I wonder if David Reich knows what the respective frequencies of light hair in Karitiana and stiff black hair in Nordics are.

The Mediterranean and Negroid elements are present in all of the populations, but the Maya have an excess. I think that both elements are the result of an ancient transatlantic slave trade conducted by Phoenician Semites.

The Olmec colossal heads in the photographs below are obviously Negroid.

Cabeza colosal número 1






Of course the fact that they’re obviously Negroid hasn’t prevented plenty of imbeciles from saying they’re not. The Wikipedia page on the subject is particularly funny. It tells us about the “mainstream scientific consensus”, and categorizes the subject as “pseudoarchaeology”. Somebody should inform the propagandists at Wikipedia that Truth is not democratic.

On the Wikipedia page on the Olmec civilization we read that Richard Diehl wrote “There can be no doubt that the heads depict the American Indian physical type still seen on the streets of Soteapan, Acayucan, and other towns in the region”. Well as the photograph of a Maya below shows, there’s some truth to that. But of course that doesn’t change the fact that the features seen in the Olmec colossal heads and in some Maya are Negroid.


All of the Olmec colossal heads are wearing the kind of helmet that would have been worn in the Mesoamerican ballgame. So I think that the heads were statues of the ancient Mesoamerican equivalent of today’s Negro sports celebrities.



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5 comments on “K = 4 admixture analysis of all HGDP Amerindian samples
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  3. quarefremeruntgentes says:

    What time frame would you estimate that Phoenicians traveled to Central America?

    For much of it’s history, Tyre was dominated by Foreign states. It is intriguing to speculate how many secrets they might have been keeping.

  4. quarefremeruntgentes says:

    The possibility of transatlantic travel at such early periods would also support the possibly of Amerindians trading Great Lakes Copper on a route following the Mississippi to the Gulf Coast, as proposed by many diffusionists.

  5. genetiker says:

    The oldest Olmec colossal heads are dated to 1500 to 1000 BC, so I think that the Phoenicians started bringing slaves from Africa to Mesoamerica in that time range.

    The use of copper in the Great Lakes region 6,000 or more years ago is indeed interesting, considering the high frequency of the European mitochondrial haplogroup X, the high frequency of the European Y-chromosome haplogroup R1b, and the large amount of European autosomal admixture in the Amerindians of that very same region.

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