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Amerindians have both Mongoloid and Caucasoid physical features

It’s amazing that so many people were so credulous and so stupid that they actually believed David Reich et al. when they proclaimed that Nordics are Caucasoid-Mongoloid hybrids. All of the big names in the “HBD community” were among the

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F4 ratio estimation confirms Nordic admixture in Amerindians

I ran the F4 ratio estimation program from ADMIXTOOLS on the HGDP Amerindian populations to see how the results would compare with those from ADMIXTURE and DIYDodecad. Referring to the phylogeny for F4 ratio estimation below, I used San for

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The cause of homosexuality

Homosexuality is a disease that greatly reduces Darwinian fitness, and yet it afflicts somewhere between 1 to 10 percent of people in almost every population on earth. For over 10 years Greg Cochran has been pushing his theory that homosexuality

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