Corrected globe13 analysis of the Tianyuan genome

Looking back over my analysis of the Tianyuan genome I found some mistakes in my processing of the data. Here are the corrected globe13 results:

  • 35.39% Veddoid (“South_Asian”)
  • 31.27% Sinid (“East_Asian”)
  • 11.32% Indianid (“Amerindian”)
  • 8.38% Nordic (“North_European”)
  • 4.84% Tungid (“Siberian”)
  • 3.85% Melanesid (“Australasian”)
  • 2.93% Palaenegrid (“West_African”)
  • 1.95% Nilotid (“East_African”)
  • 0.07% Mediterranean (“Mediterranean”)
  • 0.00% Alpine (“West_Asian”)
  • 0.00% Capoid (“Palaeo_African”)
  • 0.00% Eskimid (“Arctic”)
  • 0.00% Orientalid (“Southwest_Asian”)
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3 comments on “Corrected globe13 analysis of the Tianyuan genome
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  2. […] Mongoloids. The correctness of that account was later proven by my analyses of the Tianyaun sample here and here, which showed that the largest components for Tianyaun were the Veddoid components. And my […]

  3. […] 40,000 years old, but he had around half as much of the Veddoid components as Tianyuan. Tianyuan had 35.39% of the globe13 South Asian component, while Kostenki 14 had 16.03%. Tianyuan had 24.62% of […]

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