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2013: The year in review

Here I will look back on some of my posts from this year, the embarrassing and disgraceful behavior of the “HBD community”, and the falsehoods and misrepresentations of the “scientific community”. Around the beginning of the year I started doing

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Admixture analyses of North American Indians

In this paper from last year David Reich and his associates analyzed some Amerindian SNP data. Many of the tribes in their dataset showed a significant amount of Caucasoid admixture. Real scientists would have sought to characterize this admixture, but

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More analyses of the Tianyuan genome

Below are the results of globe4 and MDLP World-22 analyses of the Tianyuan genome, to complement the globe13 results. The reason that there’s so much of the Caucasoid component in the globe4 results is that there’s no Veddoid component in

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