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Y-SNP calls for Iron and Bronze Age Bulgarians

Below are the Y-SNP calls for the Iron and Bronze Age Bulgarians. Positive calls are in bold, and negative calls are in non-bold. P192-1 was definitely male, and the DNA evidence indicates that T2G2 was also male. Archaeological evidence indicates

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Analyses of Iron and Bronze Age Bulgarian genomes

Below are the results of analyses of four Iron and Bronze Age Bulgarian genomes. This paper gives the following descriptions of the four samples: Sample P192-1 was found at the site of a pit sanctuary near Svilengrad, Bulgaria, excavated between

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Y-SNP calls for La Braña 2

Below are the few available Y-SNP calls for La Braña 2. All of the calls are negative. They don’t tell us what haplogroup he belonged to, but they do tell us a few haplogroups that he didn’t belong to. A1a-V25

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