K = 4 admixture analysis of Chachapoyas

At the bottom of this post is a plot for a K = 4 ADMIXTURE analysis that includes the data for the seven Chachapoyas from this paper. Above the plot are the admixture percentages for the seven Chachapoyas.

The numbers of SNPs available for this analysis for each of the Chachapoya samples are below.

NA39: 1,594
NA40: 5,472
NA41: 775
NA42: 5,517
NA43: 327
NA47: 525
NA50: 381

All of the Chachapoya samples that had more than 1,000 SNPs were found by this analysis to be 100% Amerindian, while all of the Chachapoya samples that were found to have non-Amerindian admixture had fewer than 1,000 SNPs. This suggests that the non-Amerindian admixture that appears in some of the Chachapoya samples is noise that is due to the small number of SNPs for those samples, and that I was therefore wrong in concluding from the results of my previous analyses that NA47 had non-Amerindian admixture.

So Carlos Bustamante and Eske Willerslev indeed did an impeccable job cherry-picking their samples so as to give the false impression that all of the Chachapoyas were 100% Amerindian. Unfortunately for their despicable anti-White agenda, there are all kinds of other incontrovertible evidence, as presented in my last post, that most of the Chachapoyas were White.

     Negroid Caucasoid Mongoloid Amerindian
NA39    0.00      0.00         0     100.00
NA40    0.00      0.00         0     100.00
NA41    0.00     12.53         0      87.46
NA42    0.00      0.00         0     100.00
NA43    8.89      0.15         0      90.96
NA47   11.27      0.00         0      88.73
NA50   10.80     30.32         0      58.87


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