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Analyses of the Oase 1 genome

At the bottom of this post are the results of analyses of the Oase 1 genome. The Oase 1 sample is from a human mandible found in a cave in the Carpathian Mountains of southwestern Romania. The mandible is dated

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Phenotype SNPs from prehistoric Eurasia

Below are derived allele counts and total numbers of reads for SNPs that have a large effect on phenotype for the 102 newly available genomes from prehistoric Eurasia. Nonzero derived allele counts are in bold. Note that small derived allele

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Y haplogroups for prehistoric Eurasian genomes

Below are the Y haplogroups for the 55 newly available male genomes from prehistoric Eurasia. RISE512 Russia Andronovo R1a1a1b2a2-Z2121/S3410 RISE94 Sweden Battle Axe R1a1a1b-V4100/Z651/F3044 RISE566 Czech Republic Bell Beaker R1b1a2a1a-P310/PF6546/S129 RISE560 Germany Bell Beaker R1b1a2a1a2-M12124(xM12050) RISE563 Germany Bell Beaker R1b1a2a1a2b-PF6570/S28/U152

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