I’m back!

For those who missed Andrii’s comment, I have been locked out of my Genetiker WordPress account for the past month, because of a bug in the way that WordPress processed passwords. After a month of correspondence with WordPress support, I have finally been able to regain access to my account.

A big thanks to Andrii for reproducing the bug, and to Melissa F.P. from WordPress support for sending me a password reset link.

While I was locked out of my Genetiker blog, I put new posts up on a temporary Genetiker2 blog. I have now recreated these new posts here. These posts show that the Chinchorro people had additional Caucasoid admixture, beyond what is found in all Amerindians, and that this admixture is from Western Europeans. The physical characteristics of the mummies of the Chinchorro culture and other ancient Peruvian and Chilean cultures already made it clear that the people of those cultures were at least partially European, but this is the first DNA evidence in history proving that Europeans were in the Americas before the Vikings. The European DNA in the Chinchorro sample also provides a window onto the genetic makeup of the people of Western Europe before 4000 BC, showing that at least some of them had a significant amount of admixture from Y haplogroup R people. This drives a huge nail into the coffin of the already dead Kurgan hypothesis, and provides further evidence for my theory, introduced early last year, that the Gravettians spread haplogroup R and Indo-European languages across the whole of Europe during the Paleolithic.

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2 comments on “I’m back!
  1. Congrats 🙂 I’m glad I could help you. Good that everything is solved now.
    Looking forward for new findings on your blog, really nice job you’re doing, I’m interested in DNA area.

  2. The Postman says:


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