K = 13 admixture analysis of prehistoric and modern genomes

Below is a plot for a K = 13 ADMIXTURE analysis of prehistoric and modern genomes. This analysis includes new prehistoric samples.

As in my last three ADMIXTURE analyses, this analysis uses only transversion SNPs, but it includes 67% more transversion SNPs than the previous analyses. The number of SNPs for the Chinchorro mummy sample, for example, is increased from 611 to 1,072. This increase in the number of SNPs results in a more accurate, higher-resolution analysis of the samples.

As in all previous analyses, the Chinchorro mummy sample continues to show about 30% additional Caucasoid admixture.

Also as in all previous analyses, El Portalón 3, a pre-Bell-Beaker Spanish sample belonging to Y haplogroup R1b-M269, continues to be autosomally distinct from other Neolithic and Copper Age Spanish samples, which did not belong to R1b-M269.


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