Y-SNP calls from ancient Iran

In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for ancient DNA samples from the Zagros Mountains of Iran.

Sample  Period           Date BC    Haplogroup
AH2     Early Neolithic  8205–7756  J2b-M12*                calls
WC1     Early Neolithic  7455–7082  G2b2a-Z8022             calls
F38     Early Iron Age   971–832    R1b1a1a2a2a-Y:24376846  calls
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5 comments on “Y-SNP calls from ancient Iran
  1. Jackson Montgomery-Devoni says:

    How exactly were you able to determine the Y-DNA haplogroup of AH2 as J2b-M12* when the authors of the study could not determine his Y-DNA haplogroup?

  2. Jackson Montgomery-Devoni says:

    So they did not even really look for many SNPs for AH2’s Y-chromosome?

  3. Jackson Montgomery-Devoni says:


  4. Jackson Montgomery-Devoni says:

    It looks like the .bam files are out now.


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