K = 13 admixture analysis of genomes from Neolithic central Asia Minor

Below is a plot for a K = 13 admixture analysis that includes nine Neolithic genomes from central Asia Minor. The table above the plot gives some information for these samples.

The Pre-Pottery Neolithic samples are similar to the early Neolithic samples from northwestern Asia Minor, while the later Pottery Neolithic samples show more admixture from people like the early inhabitants of Iran and the Caucasus region.

Sample  Period                 Date BC
Bon004  Pre-Pottery Neolithic  > 8300
Bon005  Pre-Pottery Neolithic  8300–8240
Bon002  Pre-Pottery Neolithic  8279–7977
Bon001  Pre-Pottery Neolithic  8212–7952
Tep001  Pottery Neolithic      7500–5800
Tep002  Pottery Neolithic      7500–5800
Tep003  Pottery Neolithic      7500–5800
Tep004  Pottery Neolithic      7500–5800
Tep006  Pottery Neolithic      7500–5800


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3 comments on “K = 13 admixture analysis of genomes from Neolithic central Asia Minor
  1. norah4you says:

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    Thanks to Genetiker who allows me to reblogg this as so many studies before. I am very greatful

  2. Have you noticed the natufian component (the light teal color) showing up in Upper Paleolithic europeans? (Goyet, Vestonice, Paglicci and Cioclovina)

    • Genetiker says:

      It appears along with the light blue and pine green Caucasoid components, and the plain green Veddoid-Caucasoid hybrid component. They don’t actually represent admixture. They represent an undifferentiated Caucasoid genetic pattern. The pre-LGM Western Europeans hadn’t fully advanced up the evolutionary path that led to the post-LGM Paleolithic and Mesolithic Western Europeans. The severe conditions of the LGM in Europe are clearly what drove their evolution. As the LGM progressed, the proportion of the differentiated genetic material, represented by the dark blue component, increased, and the proportion of the undifferentiated genetic material, represented by the other components, decreased.

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