High-resolution K = 4 analysis of the European admixture in Chinchorro DNA

Below is a plot for a high-resolution K = 4 admixture analysis that includes a Chinchorro mummy sample from Chile dated to 3972–3806 BC. This analysis uses over twice as many transversion SNPs as my earlier admixture analyses.

Here are the admixture percentages for the Chinchorro sample:


High-resolution admixture analyses like this one have led me to believe that the European admixture in the Chinchorro sample is from western Aurignacians, western Gravettians, or Solutreans, because the non-Amerindian components that appear in the Chinchorro sample have a pattern similar to that seen in the pre-LGM European samples, and not in any other ancient or modern population.

In this K = 4 analysis, the Chinchorro sample has a lot of the blue component, and a little of the yellow component. The pre-LGM European samples also have a lot of the blue component, and smaller amounts of the yellow component.

I will post plots for analyses with higher K values, and if my belief about the source of the European admixture is correct, then the Chinchorro sample should continue to show patterns similar to those seen in the pre-LGM European samples.

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