K = 12 admixture analysis of prehistoric Portuguese genomes

Below is a plot for a K = 12 admixture analysis that includes 10 genomes from prehistoric Portugal. The table above the plot gives some information for these samples.

The Middle Neolithic and Copper Age samples are similar to samples of the same periods from Spain, being made up mostly of the light blue early European farmer component, but also having a significant amount of the plain blue European hunter-gatherer component.

The plot shows that, unlike the earlier samples, and contrary to the admixture analysis that appeared in the academic paper on these samples, the Middle Bronze Age samples did have some of the pine green Caucasus-related component.

Sample Period Date BC
LC41 Middle Neolithic 4200–3500
LC42 Middle Neolithic 4200–3500
LC44 Middle Neolithic 4200–3500
CA122A Copper Age 3500–2000
CM364 Copper Age 3500–2000
CM9B Copper Age 3500–2000
DA96B Copper Age 3500–2000
MG104 Middle Bronze Age 1740–1430
TV32032 Middle Bronze Age 1740–1430
TV3831 Middle Bronze Age 1740–1430

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