K = 13 admixture analysis of Bronze Age Lebanese genomes

Below is a plot for a K = 13 admixture analysis that includes five Bronze Age samples from the city of Sidon in Lebanon. The table above the plot gives some information for these samples.

The Middle Bronze Age samples from Lebanon differ from the Early Bronze Age samples from Jordan in that they have a bit more of the Aegean-related light blue component, significantly more of the Caucasus-related pine green component, and significantly less of the Natufian-related aqua green component. They’re very similar to modern Levantine populations like the Druze, Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians, and Jordanians, except that they lack the small amounts of Negroid and Eastern European admixture found in the modern populations.

Sample Period Date BC
ERS1790729 Middle Bronze Age 1750
ERS1790731 Middle Bronze Age 1750
ERS1790733 Middle Bronze Age 1650
ERS1790730 Middle Bronze Age 1600
ERS1790732 Middle Bronze Age 1600

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