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K = 13 admixture analysis of prehistoric sub-Saharan African genomes

Below is a plot for a K = 13 admixture analysis that includes 15 new genomes from sub-Saharan Africa. The table above the plot gives some information for these samples. The two earlier samples from South Africa are, like the

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Phenotype SNPs from prehistoric sub-Saharan Africa

Below are derived allele counts and total numbers of reads for SNPs that have a large effect on phenotype for 15 genomes from prehistoric sub-Saharan Africa. Nonzero derived allele counts are highlighted. Note that small derived allele counts may be

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Y-SNP calls from prehistoric sub-Saharan Africa

In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for samples from prehistoric sub-Saharan Africa. Sample Location Date Haplogroup I2966 Malawi 8050–3050 BC B2b1b1-Y25096* I4468 Malawi 4227–3973 BC B2b1-M8632 I4427 Malawi 4225–3963 BC B2b1a1-M8360 I9028 South Africa 291–15 BC A1b1b2a-M51

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