K = 13 admixture analysis of prehistoric sub-Saharan African genomes

Below is a plot for a K = 13 admixture analysis that includes 15 new genomes from sub-Saharan Africa. The table above the plot gives some information for these samples.

The two earlier samples from South Africa are, like the modern Bushman samples from Namibia, made up entirely of the black Bushman and Pygmy component. The third South African sample, from around 800 AD, has 16.62% of the aqua green Natufian-related component.

The samples from Malawi generally have around 70% of the Bushman and Pygmy component, with the rest made up mostly of the brown Negro component, and in some cases small amounts of the Natufian-related component.

The earliest sample from Tanzania (1100 BC) has 55.72% of the Natufian-related component, while the latest sample from Tanzania (1400 AD) is made up almost entirely of the Negro component. The two Tanzania samples from 600 AD, like the 1500 AD sample from Kenya, the 2500 BC sample from Mota Cave in Ethiopia, and the modern samples from the Hadza people of Tanzania, have significant amounts of each of the Bushman and Pygmy, Negro, and Natufian-related components. Note that the 1500 AD Kenya sample belongs to the Caucasoid Y haplogroup E1b1b, as the Natufians did. The amount of the Natufian-related autosomal component in African populations correlates very well with the frequency of the E1b1b haplogroup in those populations. The Hadza, for example, have on average 18.20% of the Natufian-related component, and they have an E1b1b haplogroup frequency of 15.0%.

Sample Location Date
I2967 Malawi 6223–6007 BC
I2966 Malawi 8050–3050 BC
I4468 Malawi 4227–3973 BC
I4427 Malawi 4225–3963 BC
I4422 Malawi 3343–3029 BC
I4421 Malawi 3450–2850 BC
I4426 Malawi 726–380 BC
I9028 South Africa 291–15 BC
I9133 South Africa 67 BC – 202 AD
I9134 South Africa 668–881 AD
I3726 Tanzania 1191–940 BC
I1048 Tanzania 529–643 AD
I0589 Tanzania 580–647 AD
I2298 Tanzania 1311–1406 AD
I0595 Kenya 1454–1628 AD

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2 comments on “K = 13 admixture analysis of prehistoric sub-Saharan African genomes
  1. Thanks for your efforts… Are you also going to give a look also to the samples from the last paper about North African neolithic?

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