Y-SNP calls from Sungir

In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for samples from the archeological site of Sungir in Russia.

Sample Period Date Haplogroup
Sungir 1 Mid Upper Paleolithic 33,875–31,770 BP pre-C1a2-V20
Sungir 2 Mid Upper Paleolithic 35,283–33,185 BP pre-C1a2-V20
Sungir 3 Mid Upper Paleolithic 35,154–33,031 BP pre-C1a2-V20
Sungir 4 Mid Upper Paleolithic 34,485–33,499 BP pre-C1a2-V20
Sungir 6 High Middle Ages 1100–1220 AD I2a1b2a1a1a1a3-A16681
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One comment on “Y-SNP calls from Sungir
  1. Blackadder says:

    Genetiker, I would really appreciate it if you could post Y-SNP calls for La Brana 1, or point me to it if you already posted it, because I couldn’t find it anywhere on your blog. Regards

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