K = 14 admixture analysis of Bronze Age German warrior genomes

Below is a plot for a K = 14 admixture analysis that includes genomes from a Bronze Age battlefield at the archeological site of Weltzin, in the Tollense valley, in northeastern Germany. The table above the plot gives some information for these samples.

The Tollense valley warriors are genetically similar to the Late Neolithic Nordic samples, the German Bell Beaker samples, and the Unetice samples.

The one Tollense valley sample dated to 2960 BC is similar to other Middle and Late Neolithic samples from Western and Central Europe.

Sample Period Date BC
WEZ16 Neolithic 2960
WEZ15 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ24 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ35 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ39 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ40 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ48 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ51 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ53 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ54 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ56 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ57 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ58 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ59 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ61 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ63 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ64 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ71 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ74 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ77 Bronze Age 1250
WEZ83 Bronze Age 1250

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6 comments on “K = 14 admixture analysis of Bronze Age German warrior genomes
  1. Qwest says:

    Why don’t you add ID numbers to the samples on your charts?
    It is interesting to compare admixture with other data like PCA, statistics, etc. for this we need ID numbers.

  2. Blasonario Cremonese says:

    Good morning,

    thank you Genetiker for your work.

    Did you see this paper? If they released the raw data, probably it would be possible to see the Y-DNA haplogroups of the other 4 males.

  3. sammyisaac107 says:

    Can you take a look at the mtDNA?

  4. Qwest says:

    ID numbers can be written with the right side of the charts.

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