Y-SNP calls for Guanches

In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for DNA samples from Guanches, the aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

It’s quite convenient for mainstream narratives about the Canary Islands that genome-wide data for the Guanche DNA samples found to belong to Y haplogroups R1b and I didn’t appear in the recent paper that the samples below came from.

Sample Island Date AD Haplogroup
gun001 Tenerife NA E1b1b1b1a-M81
gun002 Tenerife 1024–1155 E1b1b1b1a1o-BY10311
gun006 Gran Canaria NA T1a2a-Y13274
gun007 Gran Canaria NA E or T1a2
gun011 Tenerife 695–888 E1b1b1b1a1-PF2546
gun012 Tenerife 582–660 E1b1b1b1a1-M183
gun014 Tenerife NA Probably E1b1b1b1a-M81
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One comment on “Y-SNP calls for Guanches
  1. vic says:

    If gun007 is T1a2-Z19904 ( which I have as positive also) then it is a different branch from the other T1a2 ( gun006 )……..it could be from Giron Spain, Ireland or alpine countries

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