Y-SNP calls from Neolithic Europe

In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for DNA samples from Neolithic Europe.

Sample Country Culture Date BC Haplogroup
I4971 Hungary Körös 5736–5547 I2a2~M436(xI2a2a)
I2382 Hungary Alföld 5500–5300 H2~P96
I3535 Hungary Alföld 5221–5000 I2~M438
I2378 Hungary Alföld 5300–4900 I2a2a~M223
I4187 Hungary Alföld 5300–4900 H2~P96
I2379 Hungary Alföld 5209–4912 I2a2a1b-CTS10057
I1883 Hungary Linear Pottery T 5301–5076 G2a~P15
I4185 Hungary Sopot 5016–4838 J2~M172(xJ2b)
I1890 Hungary Sopot 5100–4750 I2~M438
I0449 Hungary Tisza 5000–4500 I2a1a2a-L1286
I2387 Hungary Tisza 5000–4500 I2~M438
I2746 Hungary Tisza 5000–4500 G2a~P15
I1900 Hungary Lengyel 4796–4685 E1b1b1a1b1~L618
I1902 Hungary Lengyel 4800–4500 J2a1~Z6055
I2793 Hungary Tiszapolgár 4444–4257 I2a2a1b-CTS10057
I2752 Hungary Baden 3600–2850 I2a1a1~M26
I2753 Hungary Baden 3332–2929 I2a1a1-M26
I0795 Germany Linear Pottery 5217–5041 T1~L206
I0807 Germany Baalberge 3970–3710 I2~M438
I0559 Germany Baalberge 3654–3527 R1b1a2~V88
I1565 Germany Middle Neolithic 4038–3532 I2a1a2a2~L880
I1593 Germany Middle Neolithic 3958–3344 R1b1a2~V88
I1594 Germany Middle Neolithic 3337–3024 R1b1a2~V88
I0410 Spain Early Neolithic 5294–5066 R1b1a2b1~Y8451*
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17 comments on “Y-SNP calls from Neolithic Europe
  1. vsva says:

    Can you look at i2a2(x701) samples Tiszadob, koros i2a2 sample and j2a from from hungary and g2a2a from spain huesera?

  2. vsva says:

    I mean calls from samples i4971, i2743, i2377, i2379, i3535, i4188, i1900, i1902, i2793, i2753, i2473, i3276. I ´m interested in i2a2 samples. If there are some of them Z161, L1229 or l699 and P74, but j2a and e1b is intersting too.

  3. Blasonario Cremonese says:

    Thank you Genetiker for the Guanches analysis and for these Neolithic R1bs. What does the sentence “pre?” mean?

  4. Richard Rocca says:

    Genetiker, thanks for posting these. For Blatterhole sample I1593, the pre-V88 calls contradict this statement from the Liston paper:

    “R1b1a1a2 showed both derived and ancestral alleles of characteristic SNPs. Thus, he could only be assigned to haplogroup R1b1a.”

    Perhaps Liston meant to write R1b1a2 instead of R1b1a1a2? Do you see any derived M269 level calls?

  5. vsva says:

    i4971 sample is interesting according paper belogns to I2a2, but is negative for I2a2a m223, it is also 80%WHG. Can you look at them, if is I2a2 L38?

  6. vsva says:

    What about sample i2753 from Baden culture? It is really I2a1-M26? Becouse this subclade is only in the western europe?

  7. Blackadder says:

    Genetiker, can you also look I2752 from Baden, I1565 from Blatterhole and I0449 from Tisza_LN? Later two are high coverage, so there should be quite a lot downstream calls.

  8. vsva says:

    And samples i2744, i2375 and i2379? one sample is i2A2xL701, could be Z161 and another I2a2 sample with L701 could be P78 or L699 like yamnaya samples?

    • Blackadder says:

      I2793 is also CTS10057 (xL701), and has twice as better coverage than I2379.

      • vsva says:

        That´s right, but this sample is from Tiszapolgar culture. It os interesting too.

        Genetiker can you look at samples i2379,i2793, i1883, i2746, i3276 and i2788 please. Some of them are only G, but sample from Alto de Huesera i3276 had good coverage and protoboleraz i2788 have 17% Yamna according eurogenes, it could be interesting look to his Y dna calls.

        Thank you.

  9. vsva says:

    What about samples i3276, i2788, i2743, i3272 and i1560? I know thats many samples, but there are interesting. Thank you,

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