Pigmentation of Neolithic Europeans

Below are predicted skin, hair, and eye color for genomes from Neolithic Europe.

Sample Country Culture Date BC Skin Hair Eyes
I2794 Hungary Körös 5706–5541 Light Black Brown
I1878 Hungary Starčevo 5832–5667 NA Black Brown
I1880 Hungary Starčevo 5800–5500 NA Black NA
I1877 Hungary Starčevo 5704–5556 NA D-blond/ Brown NA
I1895 Hungary Vinča 5321–5081 Medium Black Brown
I1887 Hungary Vinča 5400–5000 Light NA NA
I3537 Hungary Alföld 5481–5361 Light NA NA
I2380 Hungary Alföld 5500–5300 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I2376 Hungary Alföld 5500–5000 NA Black Brown
I2384 Hungary Alföld 5302–5057 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I3535 Hungary Alföld 5221–5000 NA D-brown/ Black Brown
I2378 Hungary Alföld 5300–4900 NA Black Brown
I2743 Hungary Alföld 5300–4900 NA NA Blue
I2745 Hungary Alföld 5300–4900 Light NA NA
I4188 Hungary Alföld 5300–4900 NA D-brown/ Black NA
I4199 Hungary Alföld 5300–4900 NA NA Blue
I2377 Hungary Alföld 5208–4942 NA Black Brown
I2379 Hungary Alföld 5209–4912 NA Blond/ D-blond Blue
I2739 Hungary Linear Pottery T 5309–5074 Medium Black Brown
I1882 Hungary Linear Pottery T 5300–4900 NA Black Brown
I3536 Hungary Linear Pottery T 5300–4900 NA NA Brown
I4196 Hungary Linear Pottery T 5300–4900 NA Black Brown
I1904 Hungary Linear Pottery T 5208–4948 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I1891 Hungary Sopot 5195–4842 Light NA NA
I4184 Hungary Sopot 4930–4715 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I0449 Hungary Tisza 5000–4500 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I2359 Hungary Tisza 5000–4500 NA NA Blue
I1905 Hungary Lengyel 4826–4602 NA Black NA
I1899 Hungary Lengyel 4800–4500 NA NA Brown
I1902 Hungary Lengyel 4800–4500 NA NA Brown
I1903 Hungary Lengyel 4800–4500 NA D-brown/ Black Brown
I1906 Hungary Lengyel 4800–4500 NA D-blond/ Brown NA
I2793 Hungary Tiszapolgár 4444–4257 Light Black Brown
I2356 Hungary Tiszapolgár 4500–4000 Light NA NA
I1907 Hungary Balaton-Lasinya 4333–4072 Light Blond/ D-blond Blue
I1909 Hungary Balaton-Lasinya 4232–4046 NA D-brown/ Black Brown
I1908 Hungary Balaton-Lasinya 4300–3900 NA D-brown/ Black Brown
I4189 Hungary Balaton-Lasinya 4300–3900 Light Black Brown
I2783 Hungary Hunyadihalom 4228–3963 NA Brown/ D-brown Brown
I2788 Hungary Proto-Boleráz 3909–3651 NA Black Brown
I2789 Hungary Proto-Boleráz 3800–3600 NA Black Brown
I2790 Hungary Proto-Boleráz 3762–3636 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I2791 Hungary Proto-Boleráz 3658–3384 Light Black Brown
I2369 Hungary Baden 3367–3103 Light D-brown/ Black Blue
I2371 Hungary Baden 3359–3098 NA Black Blue
I2752 Hungary Baden 3600–2850 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I2785 Hungary Baden 3600–2850 NA D-brown/ Black Brown
I2754 Hungary Baden 3337–3024 NA NA Brown
I2370 Hungary Baden 3346–2945 Light Black Brown
I2366 Hungary Baden 3340–2945 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I2367 Hungary Baden 3332–2929 Light Black Brown
I2753 Hungary Baden 3332–2929 Light Black Brown
I2368 Hungary Baden 3300–2850 NA NA Brown
I0018 Germany Linear Pottery 5310–5076 Light Black Brown
I1550 Germany Linear Pottery 5500–4850 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I2030 Germany Linear Pottery 5500–4850 Light NA NA
I2036 Germany Linear Pottery 5500–4850 NA Black Brown
I2038 Germany Linear Pottery 5500–4850 Light NA NA
I0057 Germany Linear Pottery 5219–5021 Light NA NA
I0056 Germany Linear Pottery 5213–5009 Light Black Blue
I0048 Germany Linear Pottery 5210–5002 NA NA Brown
I0046 Germany Linear Pottery 5211–4991 Light Black Brown
I0659 Germany Linear Pottery 5211–4963 Light Black Blue
I2014 Germany Linear Pottery 5199–4857 NA NA Blue
I0100 Germany Linear Pottery 5202–4852 Light Blond/ D-blond Blue
I0821 Germany Linear Pottery 5201–4850 Light NA NA
I1565 Germany Middle Neolithic 4038–3532 NA D-blond/ Brown Blue
I1593 Germany Middle Neolithic 3958–3344 NA Black Blue
I1563 Germany Middle Neolithic 3704–3117 Light Black Brown
I2199 Spain Early Neolithic 5216–5031 NA Black Brown
I1972 Spain Early Neolithic 4827–4692 NA Black NA
I1838 Spain Copper Age 3354–2943 Light Black NA
I3269 Spain Copper Age 3350–2750 NA Black Brown
I3271 Spain Copper Age 3350–2750 NA D-brown/ Black Brown
I3276 Spain Copper Age 3092–2918 NA Black NA
I1843 Spain Copper Age 3092–2877 Light Black Brown
I5838 Spain Copper Age 2900–2346 Light Black Brown
I1976 Spain Copper Age 2571–2347 NA NA Brown
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