Y-SNP calls from Mesolithic Scandinavia

In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for DNA samples from Mesolithic Scandinavia.

Sample Location Date BC Haplogroup
Hummervikholmen 2 Southern Norway 7502–7325 I2c1-S6635*
Stora Förvar 11 Stora Karlsö, Sweden 7073–6810 I1~M253
Stora Bjers 1 Gotland, Sweden 7013–6629 I2a1a2a~L1286*
Steigen 1 Northern Norway 4000–3814 I2a1b-M423
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5 comments on “Y-SNP calls from Mesolithic Scandinavia
  1. Bo S. Olsson says:

    To samples from Hummervikholmen in Norway, dated 9452-9275 cal BP, came up with mito U5a1 (Hum1) and y-dna I2 (Hum2). Gunter et al, 2017.

  2. vsva says:

    Can you check Motala2 sample if also belongs to I2c1 s6635?

  3. Bo S. Olsson says:

    Gunter et al claims the 9.000+ yrs old Hum 2 to be U5a1d and I2-M438, while their contemporary relatives buried at Stora Bjärs shows U4a1 and I2-M68.

    Then the 5.700+ yrs old Steigen comes up with U5a1d and I2a1b-M423.

    Any idea what caused the difference in y-dna, while the mt-dna-groups remained (seemingly) unchanged? Does that reflect an ‘evolutionary’ mutation of the y-dna, while the mt-dna remained more stable?!


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