K = 14 admixture analysis of Mesolithic Scandinavian genomes

Below is a plot for a K = 14 admixture analysis that includes six new genomes from Mesolithic Scandinavia. The table above the plot gives some information for these samples, and for the previously published Stora Förvar 11 sample.

The new samples are, like the previously published Mesolithic samples from Motala, Sweden, made up of a mix of the dark blue Western European hunter-gatherer component and the medium blue Eastern European component. The three Norwegian samples, however, have more of the medium blue component than the Swedish samples do.

Sample Location Date BC
Hummervikholmen 1 Southern Norway 7502–7325
Hummervikholmen 2 Southern Norway 7502–7325
Stora Förvar 9 Stora Karlsö, Sweden 7350–7038
Stora Förvar 12 Stora Karlsö, Sweden 7083–6807
Stora Förvar 11 Stora Karlsö, Sweden 7073–6810
Stora Bjers 1 Gotland, Sweden 7013–6629
Steigen 1 Northern Norway 4000–3814

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3 comments on “K = 14 admixture analysis of Mesolithic Scandinavian genomes
  1. vsva says:

    Can you also show y snp calls from Boleraz i2c and g2a samples and i3276 Alto de Huesera sample?

  2. vsva says:

    According r1b tree from Atanas Kumbarov https://kumbarov.com/ht35/R1b_xP312xU106_V.38.1.pdf sample from Martiniano 2017 study Monte canelas is also male and belongs to r1b-m269!!! It is second r1b m269 after ATP3 in Chalcolithic Iberia?

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