Higher-resolution K = 5 analysis of the European admixture in Chinchorro DNA

Below is a plot for a higher-resolution K = 5 admixture analysis that includes a Chinchorro mummy sample from Chile dated to 3972–3806 BC. This analysis uses a much larger number of transversion SNPs for all samples than my earlier admixture analyses. While most of my admixture analyses have used 1,067 transversion SNPs for the Chinchorro sample, and my previous high-resolution admixture analyses used 2,055 transversion SNPs for the sample, this analysis uses 26,982 transversion SNPs for the sample.

Here are the new admixture percentages for the Chinchorro sample:


The estimate of 38.48% additional Caucasoid admixture in this analysis is about the same as the 38.61% estimate produced by the preceding K = 4 analysis.

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