Y-SNP calls for Bell Beaker genomes

In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for DNA samples from Neolithic, Copper Age, and Bronze Age Europe, most of which are from the Bell Beaker culture.

Sample Country Culture Date BC Haplogroup
I0457 Spain Copper Age 2920–2340 I2~M438
I0261 Spain Bell Beaker 2850–2250 R1b1a2~V88
I0257 Spain Bell Beaker 2571–2350 R1b1a2~V88
I2416 England Bell Beaker 2460–2200 R1b1a1a2a1a~L151
I2575 France Bell Beaker 2476–2211 R1b1a1a2~M269
I4248 Germany Bell Beaker 2500–2000 R~M207
E09568 Germany Bell Beaker 2461–2210 pre-R1b1a1a2a1a-L151
I3604 Germany Bell Beaker 2300 R1b1a1a2~M269
I3607 Germany Bell Beaker 2300 R1b1a1a~P297
I3596 Germany Bell Beaker 2300–2150 R1b1a1a2~M269
I4178 Hungary Bell Beaker 2500–2200 R1b1a1a2a1~L51
I2787 Hungary Bell Beaker 2458–2202 R1b1a1a2a2-Z2103
I4251 Poland Bell Beaker 2837–2672 R1b1a1a2~M269
I4253 Poland Bell Beaker 2571–2208 R1b1a1a2a2-Z2103
I4252 Poland Bell Beaker 2463–2142 R1b1a1a2a1a~L151
I2598 England Early Bronze Age 2140–1940 R1b1a1a2a1a~L151
I2464 England Early Bronze Age 1750–1610 R1b1a1a2a1-L51
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7 comments on “Y-SNP calls for Bell Beaker genomes
  1. vsva says:

    Thanks. Can you look also on i2630,i2741,2748,2786,2787 and 4070 samples? There are many samples like corded ware and eba czech or beaker sicily which wasnt part of preprint. Do you know which of them are male or female?

  2. vsva says:

    Paper is out and there are Iberian Beakers with R1b P312. Can you look at them if tere are DF27? Also czech corded ware I2a2 sample could be interesting!

  3. Doug says:

    This is intriguing to my group (the S1194 project) as you have several positive calls for entry E09568 – in fact one of your positive calls links directly to my own rare kit in the S1194 tree. What can we deduce from such calls – i.e. you list …

    and in fact that is my entry in the R1b Basal Subclades tree (right down to Pf6512-). I have no other matches in our tree despite a FGC Elite analysis as well as BigY. But, there are 3 other calls in your calls for E09568 that also match other members of our S1194 tree (all close by). How might I interpret this matching ? Here are the other calls from your list that also match members

    R1b-M343-L754-L388-P297-M269-L23-L51-FGC796-S1194-A8039-BY14091-PF1109-PF1109 a match to Rib Basal Subclades kit 348499 Burke

    R1b-M343-L754-L388-P297-M269-L23-L51-FGC796-S1194-CTS4528-S14328-PF2642-PF2642 a match for kit BDNA569 (no name)

    a 4th match bar 1 snp comes close to a member named Hallissey who is beside Burke in our tree.

    Two of the above (Burke & Hallissey) show in our tree under S1194-A8039 while 2 show under S1194-CTS4528.

    Naturally we would love to be matched (any one of us) to the ancient dna find.

    Thanks Doug Marker

  4. Doug says:

    In addition to the question on S1194 calls, we are equally keen to learn where sample E09568 is located. We understand Germany but it is interesting to know where. We are hoping we can track this down (no luck thus far). Doug Marker

  5. Doug says:

    To help further this screen grab shows the different calls highlighted with red green and orange rings around the actual calls.

    I have tried this link and it worked ok so hopefully will work for you too. The only thing we all seem to have in common is how rare each of us is under the S1194 branching. Hallissey is from Ireland (west coast) Burke I don’t know. My DNA line is long term Devon England (we have name records back to 1200s).


  6. vsva says:

    The sample from ba hungary i7043 is P312- U106-, maybe could be DF100 or only L11? Could you look at them?

  7. Blasonario Cremonese says:

    Good morning,

    thank you Genetiker for your great effort to analyze samples in order to find SNPs.

    It would be interesting to see if is it possible to know something more about terminal SNPs of the sample I6471, the specimen – I think – also called BK_Spain_Mag1 (1). It is CT xI xG xE… so it could also be positive on some M269 calls or even P312.

    Thank you for attention,

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