Y-SNP calls from the Iberomaurusian culture

In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for samples associated with the Epipaleolithic Iberomaurusian culture from the Grotte des Pigeons, a cave near the village of Taforalt in eastern Morocco.

Sample Period Date BC Haplogroup
TAF009 Epipaleolithic 12,855–11,958 E1b1b1a1-M78
TAF010 Epipaleolithic 13,127–12,182 E1b1b1a1-M78
TAF011 Epipaleolithic 13,150–11,950 E1b1b1a1-M78*
TAF013 Epipaleolithic 13,150–11,950 E1b1b1a1-M78
TAF014 Epipaleolithic 13,150–11,950 E1b1b1a1-M78
TAF015 Epipaleolithic 13,150–11,950 E1b1b1a1~M78
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6 comments on “Y-SNP calls from the Iberomaurusian culture
  1. capra internetensis says:

    thanks for these as always, genetiker

    looks like the better coverage ones have about 70-75% positive and 25-30% negative M78 SNPs. also seems that TAF009 is not really E-L618 but also (pre-)E-M78.

    • Genetiker says:

      Yes, the L618-level SNPs CTS1975 and CTS7273 are both transition SNPs, and their positive calls for TAF009 are both based on single reads, with both of the SNPs at the very end of their reads. So those positives are very likely to be false positives resulting from DNA damage.

      The Z1919-level SNP CTS202 on the other hand is a transversion SNP, and TAF009’s negative call for that SNP is therefore reliable.

  2. capra internetensis says:

    thanks, that seems pretty conclusive.

  3. JH says:

    Can you start running the new SC and S Asian samples please? Start with Iran Chalcolithic if you would please.

  4. Blasonario Cremonese says:

    Good morning,

    thank you Genetiker for your great effort to analyze samples in order to find SNPs.

    It would be interesting to see if is it possible to know something more about terminal SNPs of the sample I6471 from the Olalde paper. The specimen – I think – is also called BK_Spain_Mag1 (1). It is CT xI xG xE… so it could also be positive on some M269 calls or even P312.

    Thank you for attention,

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