Pigmentation of prehistoric Spaniards

Below are predicted skin, hair, and eye color for new genomes from prehistoric Spain.

Sample Period Date BC Skin Hair Eyes
MUR Early Neolithic 5295–5075 Light Red Brown
ATP019 Early Neolithic 5215–5030 Light Black Brown
SAN216 Late Neolithic 3776–3653 Light NA Brown
C40331 Late Neolithic 3760–3637 Medium NA Brown
POR002 Copper Age 3335–2944 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
ATP016 Copper Age 3261–2916 Light Black Brown
POR004 Copper Age 3091–2917 Medium NA Brown
ATP12 Copper Age 3010–2879 Light NA Brown
ATP002 Copper Age 2899–2678 Light Black Brown
ESP005 Bronze Age 2200–1550 Light D-brown/ Black NA
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