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Dienekes is a fool

Dienekes has driven his car off a cliff. He now expects everyone to believe that I got the derivation of the expected value of the f3 statistic for my phylogeny all wrong, but that by pure dumb luck I arrived

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Dienekes is dumber than I thought

I really thought that Dienekes was smart enough to know when he had blundered. Clearly I overestimated him. Instead of putting down his shovel, he digs his hole deeper in his first post to comment on my work. The title

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Frequencies for blue eyes SNP rs12913832 in HGDP populations

The SNP that is most strongly associated with blue eyes is rs12913832. It’s on chromosome 15 in intron 86 of the HERC2 gene, and two copies of its mutant G allele result in reduced expression of the nearby OCA2 gene,

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