Pigmentation of Iberomaurusians

Below are predicted skin, hair, and eye color for samples associated with the Epipaleolithic Iberomaurusian culture from the Grotte des Pigeons, a cave near the village of Taforalt in eastern Morocco.

Sample Period Date BC Skin Hair Eyes
TAF009 Epipaleolithic 12,855–11,958 Dark NA Brown
TAF010 Epipaleolithic 13,127–12,182 Medium Black Brown
TAF011 Epipaleolithic 13,150–11,950 Medium Black Brown
TAF012 Epipaleolithic 12,940–12,099 Medium Black Brown
TAF013 Epipaleolithic 13,150–11,950 Medium Black Brown
TAF014 Epipaleolithic 13,150–11,950 Medium Brown Brown
TAF015 Epipaleolithic 13,150–11,950 NA NA Brown
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7 comments on “Pigmentation of Iberomaurusians
  1. vsva says:

    Genotype data for our study on the The Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia are now available here: https://reich.hms.harvard.edu/datasets ” – Vagheesh Narasimhan on twitter. Can you look at this?

  2. sammyisaac107 says:

    Geneticker, new ancient genomes from SC Asia & iran have been released.

  3. sammyisaac107 says:

    There’s new ancient genomes from Central, South Asia, and Iran.

  4. Olympus Mons says:

    Weird time to be MIA.
    Hope all is fine with you.

  5. Olympus Mons says:

    Does anyone knows if Genetiker is OK? ill? needing help?

  6. Blasonario Cremonese says:

    I tried to sent a message to Genetiker through the form “Help Wanted”, but he didn’t answer. If he is in need of money, we could organize a collection for him.

  7. Matt says:


    The data indicate that the Paleoindians from the YP are all in the mesocephalic index range (75–80), contrasting with the individuals from Central Mexico and North America with dates older than 9 ky BP which are in general dolicocephalic (68–75).

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