High-resolution K = 13 analysis of the European admixture in Chinchorro DNA

Below is a plot for a high-resolution K = 13 admixture analysis that includes a Chinchorro mummy sample from Chile dated to 3972–3806 BC.

Here are the admixture percentages for the Chinchorro sample:


Here the Chinchorro sample has significant amounts of the dark blue, light blue, and plain green components, and a small amount of the plain yellow component.

The Magdalenians are made up almost entirely of the dark blue component, which excludes them as the source of the European admixture in the Chinchorro sample.

The medium blue component is completely absent in the Chinchorro sample, and since the Eastern European and Western Siberian hunter-gatherers are made up mostly of that component, they are also excluded as sources of the admixture.

The pre-LGM Europeans are the only samples in this analysis which have significant amounts of the same non-Amerindian components present in the Chinchorro sample, which identifies the pre-LGM Aurignacians or Gravettians, or possibly the LGM Solutreans, as the source of the European admixture in that sample.

The sum of the non-Amerindian component percentages in this analysis is 36.49%, which is about the same as the 37% sum in the preceding analysis.

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