Pigmentation of ancient Southeastern Europeans

Below are predicted skin, hair, and eye color for new genomes from ancient Europe, most of which are from Southeastern Europe.

Sample Culture Country Date BC Skin Hair Eyes
Iboussières 25-1 Epi-paleolithic France 10090–9460 NA NA Blue
I1819 Mesolithic Ukraine 8825–8561 Light Brown Brown
I1737 Mesolithic Ukraine 8540–8301 NA NA Brown
I1733 Mesolithic Ukraine 9000–7500 Light NA NA
I1763 Mesolithic Ukraine 8280–7967 NA Brown/ D-brown Brown
I1734 Mesolithic Ukraine 7446–7058 Light Black Brown
I5876 Mesolithic Ukraine 7040–6703 Light Black Brown
I1875 Mesolithic Croatia 7308–7027 NA Black Brown
I5241 Mesolithic Serbia 9297–9194 NA Brown Brown
I5235 Mesolithic Serbia 9221–8548 NA Black Brown
I5240 Mesolithic Serbia 9140–8570 NA Black Brown
I5244 Mesolithic Serbia 9115–8555 NA Black Brown
I5242 Mesolithic Serbia 8805–8355 Medium Black Brown
I5239 Mesolithic Serbia 8535–8230 Medium Black Brown
I5236 Mesolithic Serbia 8290–7825 Medium Black Brown
I5238 Mesolithic Serbia 8265–7820 NA Black Brown
I5234 Mesolithic Serbia 9500–6200 NA Black Brown
I5237 Mesolithic Serbia 9500–6200 NA Black Brown
I5409 Mesolithic Serbia 9500–6200 NA Black Brown
I5401 Mesolithic Serbia 7076–6699 NA Brown NA
I4916 Mesolithic Serbia 7035–6590 NA Black Brown
I4874 Mesolithic Serbia 6636–6476 Light Black Brown
I4877 Mesolithic Serbia 6645–6465 Light Black Brown
I4875 Mesolithic Serbia 6615–6400 NA Black Brown
I4876 Mesolithic Serbia 6635–6375 Light Black Brown
I4871 Mesolithic Serbia 7100–5900 NA Black Blue
I5772 Mesolithic Serbia 7100–5900 NA Brown Brown
I4881 Mesolithic Serbia 6570–6255 NA Brown/ D-brown Brown
I5771 Mesolithic Serbia 6500–6250 Medium NA NA
I5402 Mesolithic Serbia 6361–6050 NA Black Blue
I4914 Mesolithic Serbia 6355–5990 NA Black Brown
I4915 Mesolithic Serbia 6340–5990 Light Black Brown
I4917 Mesolithic Serbia 6220–5995 NA Black Brown
I5233 Mesolithic Serbia 6224–5878 Light Black Brown
I4882 Mesolithic Serbia 6200–5900 NA Black Brown
I5232 Mesolithic Serbia 6061–5841 Light Black Brown
I4873 Mesolithic Serbia 6006–5838 NA Black Brown
I4880 Mesolithic Serbia 6000–5725 Light Black Brown
I4878 Mesolithic Serbia 5995–5710 Light Black Brown
I5436 Mesolithic Romania 7451–6698 Medium NA NA
I4607 Mesolithic Romania 7340–6640 NA Blond/ D-blond Blue
I4582 Mesolithic Romania 7021–6473 Medium Red Blue
I5411 Mesolithic Romania 7000–6300 NA Black Brown
I5407 Lepenski Vir Serbia 8300–7400 Medium Black Brown
I5405 Lepenski Vir Serbia 5836–5632 NA NA Brown
I2534 Mesolithic/ Neolithic Romania 6061–5985 NA D-brown/ Black NA
I3948 Cardial Croatia 6005–5814 Light Black Brown
I3947 Cardial Croatia 5986–5786 Light Black Brown
I3433 Cardial Croatia 5976–5751 NA Black Brown
I0676 Neolithic Macedonia 5979–5735 Light Black Brown
I3498 Starčevo Croatia 5837–5659 NA NA Blue
I4630 Mesolithic Latvia 7465–7078 NA Brown NA
I4550 Mesolithic Latvia 6601–6476 NA Black Brown
I4632 Mesolithic Latvia 6467–6249 Medium Black Blue
I4596 Mesolithic Latvia 6061–5990 Medium Black Blue
I4432 Mesolithic Latvia 6075–5920 Medium Black Brown
I4551 Mesolithic Latvia 5775–5666 Light Brown/ D-brown Blue
I4439 Mesolithic Latvia 5763–5633 NA Black Blue
I4595 Mesolithic Latvia 5728–5646 NA Black Brown
I4434 Mesolithic Latvia 5606–5385 NA Black Blue
I4553 Mesolithic Latvia 5482–5375 Medium Black Blue
I4552 Mesolithic Latvia 5479–5374 Light Black Blue
I4438 Mesolithic Latvia 5462–5220 Light Black Brown
I4440 Mesolithic Latvia 5220–5039 Light Black Brown
I4441 Mesolithic Latvia 4837–4713 Light D-brown/ Black Blue
I4437 Mesolithic Latvia 4329–4067 Light D-blond/ Brown Blue
I0706 Neolithic Bulgaria 6022–5887 NA NA Blue
I0698 Neolithic Bulgaria 6000–5900 Light Black Brown
I0679 Neolithic Bulgaria 5718–5626 Light Black Blue
I2529 Neolithic Bulgaria 5726–5575 NA Black Brown
I0700 Neolithic Bulgaria 5800–5400 NA Black Brown
I1113 Neolithic Bulgaria 5800–5400 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I2521 Neolithic Bulgaria 5619–5491 Light Black Brown
I2526 Early Neolithic Bulgaria 5466–5305 NA Black NA
I4918 Starčevo Serbia 6000–5300 NA Black Brown
I5071 Impressa Croatia 5670–5571 NA Black Brown
I5072 Impressa Croatia 5641–5560 Light Black Brown
I2532 Early Neolithic Romania 5715–5626 Light Black Brown
I2533 Early Neolithic Romania 5484–5372 Light Black Brown
I4626 Early Neolithic Latvia 5841–5636 Medium Black Blue
I4628 Early Neolithic Latvia 5302–4852 NA Black Blue
I5885 Neolithic Ukraine 6392–5927 NA Brown Brown
I1736 Neolithic Ukraine 6248–6070 Medium Black Brown
I3715 Neolithic Ukraine 5636–5521 Light Black Brown
I5872 Neolithic Ukraine 5489–5375 Light NA Brown
I5870 Neolithic Ukraine 5475–5344 Medium NA NA
I4114 Neolithic Ukraine 5473–5329 NA Black Brown
I1738 Neolithic Ukraine 5473–5326 Light Black Brown
I3716 Neolithic Ukraine 5469–5328 NA NA Brown
I3717 Neolithic Ukraine 5460–5218 NA Black Brown
I1732 Neolithic Ukraine 5364–5213 NA Black Brown
I5886 Neolithic Ukraine 5314–5220 NA NA Brown
I5875 Neolithic Ukraine 5291–5060 NA Black Blue
I5890 Neolithic Ukraine 5286–5062 Light NA NA
I5879 Neolithic Ukraine 5500–4800 NA NA Brown
I3719 Neolithic Ukraine 4949–4799 NA NA Brown
I4111 Neolithic Ukraine 4722–4548 Light Black Brown
I5069 Linear Pottery Austria 5500–4775 NA D-blond/ Brown Blue
I5070 Linear Pottery Austria 5500–4775 Light Black Brown
I5204 Linear Pottery Austria 5500–4500 NA D-brown/ Black Blue
I5205 Linear Pottery Austria 5500–4500 Light Black Brown
I5206 Linear Pottery Austria 5500–4500 NA Black Brown
I5207 Linear Pottery Austria 5500–4500 NA D-brown/ Black Brown
I5208 Linear Pottery Austria 5500–4500 NA Black Brown
I0633 Neolithic Serbia 5604–5376 NA Black Blue
I0634 Neolithic Serbia 4710–4504 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I1131 Neolithic Serbia 4605–4460 Light Black Brown
I5077 Sopot Croatia 5207–4945 NA Black Brown
I5078 Sopot Croatia 4692–4546 Light Brown/ D-brown Brown
I2431 Middle Copper Age Bulgaria 4725–4605 NA D-brown/ Black Brown
ANI163 Varna Bulgaria 4711–4542 NA Blond/ D-blond Blue
ANI159 Varna Bulgaria 4711–4530 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I5427 Neolithic Greece 6005–5879 Light Black Brown
I3708 Neolithic Greece 5500–3700 Light Blond/ D-blond Brown
I3709 Neolithic Greece 3990–3804 Light Blond/ D-blond Brown
I3920 Neolithic Greece 3933–3706 Light Black Brown
I2430 Late Copper Age Bulgaria 4545–4450 Light Brown Brown
I2423 Late Copper Age Bulgaria 4520–4356 NA D-blond/ Brown NA
I2427 Late Copper Age Bulgaria 4445–4335 NA D-brown/ Black Blue
I2424 Late Copper Age Bulgaria 4448–4260 Light Black Brown
I0781 Copper Age Bulgaria 4528–4371 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I2519 Copper Age Bulgaria 4337–4246 NA Black Brown
I4436 Middle Neolithic Latvia 4260–4050 NA Black Brown
I4627 Middle Neolithic Latvia 4251–3976 Light D-blond/ Brown Blue
I4435 Middle Neolithic Latvia 4146–3960 NA Black Brown
I4554 Middle Neolithic Latvia 4042–3956 Light Black Brown
I4088 Copper Age Romania 4331–4076 NA Black Brown
I4089 Copper Age Romania 3761–3645 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I1926 Trypillia Ukraine 3931–3640 NA NA Blue
I5079 Copper Age Croatia 3710–3360 NA Black Brown
I2509 Bronze Age Bulgaria 4452–4354 Light Black Brown
I2520 Bronze Age Bulgaria 3336–3028 NA D-brown/ Black Blue
I2510 Bronze Age Bulgaria 2906–2710 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I6561 Copper Age Ukraine 4045–3974 Light D-blond/ Brown Brown
I4110 Copper Age Ukraine 3634–3377 NA Blond/ D-blond Blue
I5882 Copper Age Ukraine 3264–2929 Light Black Brown
I5884 Copper Age Ukraine 2890–2696 Light Black Blue
I2441 Globular Amphora Poland 3400–2800 Light Blond Blue
I2433 Globular Amphora Poland 3100–2900 NA Blond/ D-blond Blue
I2435 Globular Amphora Poland 3100–2900 NA NA Blue
I1917 Pit Grave Ukraine 3095–2915 Light Black Brown
I2105 Pit Grave Ukraine 3300–2700 NA Black Brown
Bul4 Pit Grave Bulgaria 3012–2900 NA Brown Brown
I2176 Early Bronze Age Bulgaria 3338–3025 NA D-brown/ Black Brown
I2175 Early Bronze Age Bulgaria 3328–3015 NA Black Blue
I2165 Early Bronze Age Bulgaria 3020–2895 Light Black Brown
ILK003 Globular Amphora Ukraine 2900–2709 Light D-blond/ Brown Blue
ILK001 Globular Amphora Ukraine 2899–2706 Light D-blond/ Brown Brown
ILK002 Globular Amphora Ukraine 2890–2694 Light Blond/ D-blond Blue
I4175 Vučedol Croatia 3000–2700 Light NA NA
I3499 Vučedol Croatia 2884–2666 NA Black Brown
I2163 Mid–Late Bronze Age Bulgaria 1750–1625 Light Blond Blue
I4331 Early–Mid Bronze Age Croatia 1631–1521 NA D-brown/ Black Brown
I4332 Early–Mid Bronze Age Croatia 1618–1513 Light D-blond/ Brown NA
I3313 Late Bronze Age Croatia 805–761 Light D-brown/ Black Brown
I5769 Iron Age Bulgaria 500–400 Light D-brown/ Black Blue
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One comment on “Pigmentation of ancient Southeastern Europeans
  1. M. Z. says:

    The frequency of blondism seems to be quite high in those samples. I think there was some speculation about blond hair deriving from ANE-like populations, but this makes it look like it came from the WHG-like clade, no?

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