Y-SNP calls from ancient Southeastern Europe

In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for new DNA samples from ancient Europe, most of which are from Southeastern Europe.

Sample Country Culture Date BC Haplogroup
Iboussières 25-1 France Epipaleolithic 10,090–9460 I2~M438
Iboussières 31-2 France Epipaleolithic 10,090–9460 R1b1a~L754(x~V88)
I1819 Ukraine Mesolithic 8825–8561 R1a1~M459*
I1734 Ukraine Mesolithic 7446–7058 R1b1a2~V88
I4666 Serbia Lepenski Vir 6222–5912 R1b1a2~V88
I4439 Latvia Mesolithic 5763–5633 R1b1a1a~P297*
I4112 Ukraine Neolithic 5500–4800 R1b1a2~V88
I4114 Ukraine Neolithic 5473–5329 R1b1a2~V88*
I5891 Ukraine Neolithic 5465–5310 R1b1a2~V88
I5893 Ukraine Neolithic 5374–5226 R1b1a2~V88
I5892 Ukraine Neolithic 5301–4982 R1b1a~L754(xL388)
I5881 Ukraine Neolithic 5218–5059 R1b1a2~V88
ANI152 Bulgaria Varna 4683–4406 T~M184
ANI153 Bulgaria Varna 4551–4374 R1b1a2~V88
I5884 Ukraine Copper Age 2890–2696 R1b1a1a2a2b-BY3293
I3499 Croatia Vučedol 2884–2666 R1b1a1a2a2~Z2103
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7 comments on “Y-SNP calls from ancient Southeastern Europe
  1. vsva says:

    Thank you. Can you show latvia i4550 Q sample and sopot i5078 j2 sample?

  2. Blackadder says:

    I2a1 samples from Iron Gates (I5236), Ukraine (I1763) and Latvia (I4438, I4440) would also be much appreciated.

  3. Follower says:

    I plea for I3151 from Trypillian Ukraine. Thank you very much!

  4. capra internetensis says:

    thanks genetiker! that looks like fully developed R1b-V88* in Ukraine over 9000 years ago

  5. vsva says:

    Please can you show i2529 yablakovo, i5078 osijek, i 3499 vucedol and i5884 z2103 eneolithic ukraine?

  6. Oku says:

    You should look into “I0804”, “I2435” and “I2426”. And perhaps do a second try with “I1416” because in this study they could add new SNPs.

    These also have several new SNPs “I0795” “I0797”.

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